Welcome to my author’s site! I’m so grateful you made it here and hope you’ll appreciate your visit. Like all words writers add to the blank page, the act of writing is for me a way to respond to the abundant world, as perceived by our senses, and to the breadth of literature between the pages of each book. Every book on that shelf becomes a keyhole to a universe of experiences. Writing, like all art, like breathing, has become for me a way to stay alive, to be in this world, to connect.


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Sharon Lax - Shattered Fossils cover

Shattered Fossils


Shattered Fossils, a collection of short stories, takes its title from themes of the irretrievable past.

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LCP Chapbook Series Launch – Apr. 24, 2022

The League will be launching their LCP Chapbook Series. Sharon's poem “Time is this when sung: the haunting of the loon” is published in the memorial chapbook Leap, dedicated to Lesley Strutt and her poems celebrating nature.